Saturday, October 9, 2010

Harrison's 4th Birthday Party

When we asked Harrison what kind of birthday party he wanted he said a "THOMAS PARTY, A CAKE HE COULD EAT, AND LOTS OF FRIENDS". So that is what we tried to do.

Harrison has come SO FAR this year. Last year at his birthday he had 12 words, had meltdowns daily, was not sleeping through the night, was no where close to being potty trained, and over all just did not have control over his own body. He has worked SO HARD this year and just about caught up in all areas. He is almost scoring at his current age for his speech, is potty trained other than naps and bed time, (which we were expecting to take till he was 5 or 6) and is able to handle so many more situations and when the meltdowns come and he looses control he is able to retain control within 30 minutes which was unheard of a year ago, not to mention he is sleeping through the night. At this point he is where we have prayed he would be in time for kindergarten and we still have over a year and a half before he starts school. WE ARE SO PROUD OF OUR LITTLE RED HEAD WONDER. We stand in awe of him daily and thank GOD For being so GOOD.
So we had a Thomas Cake...

That he could eat, since at most birthday parties he does not get to eat cake and usually on the snacks that we bring from home. So everything at his party he could eat, and he picked the menu, all his favorites. And I think everyone else enjoyed what he picked.
Can't you tell he is excited.
And we made some troublesome trucks for food since he saw them on a website and HAD to have some.


Our little family

and lots of trains

and 17 friends and 4 more younger siblings in tow so he got his wish for Lots of friends.

We had the party in the gym at church and it was so nice not to be on top of each other, I did not have to clean the house from top to bottom before and after the party and they could run and play all they wanted.

He really enjoyed his food :)
and presents...
here is Harrison's 1st Birthday party
here is Harrison's 2nd birthday party
here is Harrison's 3rd birthday party

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