Thursday, October 21, 2010

Harrison is saving his money

Harrison is saving his money... He wants this new Thomas track thing from the new Misty Island Movie. He wanted for his birthday and we told him it cost way too much so not to expect it ($129) and he asked about Christmas and I told him if he got it for Christmas it would be his only gift, he did not like that idea either. So he is saving money. He did get a little for his birthday so he keep it and he has convinced grandparents for some loose change but is is working hard for it. Right now it is on sale for $99 so I hope I can still find it for that when he gets his money.

One way is his earning money is with his chore chart. We already had the chart with items that he should be doing on it and he got to add a magnet when he completed those chores which he still does but we also are giving magnets when he does a good job with things we are working on improving. For example, not whining when asked to move from one activity to another, or NOT getting on his bike EVERY TIME we come through the garage, or coming in the first time we ask from outside. SO when he gets the WHOLE chart filled up he gets $5. He has $55 now and should have his chart filled up today so that will give him $60 so he is half way there.

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Carla said...

All of that sounds like a wonderful way to teach him responsibility! If you haven't already, you may also look for it online...ebay or I have an embroidery website I'll send you later today w/ a whole set of Thomas designs for like $3.50!!!