Monday, October 4, 2010

Goodie Bags

It is Goodie Bag Central around here. These area Birthday goodie bags for Harrison's Class at Mother's Day out, since cupcakes, cookies etc. brought in for birthdays have to be store bought which is hard to do for Gluten Free goodies and even if I found some I would not have to pay the price for 20 kiddos so they are getting goodie bags instead.

And since we will be visiting friends the week of Halloween and Fall Break is the week before that we will be taking Halloween goodies to Mother's Day out next week, so those are ready to go as well. Once again, I don't want to sent stuff that Harrison can't eat so we send toys, bowls, etc. I actually bought these goodies last year at Target after Halloween for 75% off.

We also have the goodie bags ready for Harrison's Birthday Party this Saturday but did not take pictures of them yet.

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