Friday, October 22, 2010

Game BOY

Harrison LOVES games and I mean LOVES!!!! I don't mention game playing too often because once we start it is hard to get him to move on to something else. He does ask to play games often and I do but I don't suggest it that often. These are what we played today.
Harrison got Jumpin Monkeys for his birthday and we opened the day of his party but today was the first time we really played it. He LOVED it and it is harder than it looks.

It is hard to get these little monkey to hang on the tree and then for them to stay on the tree as other monkeys hop on.

Whac-A-Mole is one of many games I have gotten at yard sales and consignment sales, where I can get games for a couple of dollars, games are not cheap... and this one he can play by himself which is a plus for an only child.

Sequence was another birthday gift that was a surprise in the mail from some sweet friends. Again this was the first time we had played this one.

I liked this one because you could think about different ways to win etc. I think John would like this one too.

Lucky Ducks is a consignment sale game and it is one I WISH could DISAPPEAR... but he asks for it ALL THE TIME but it is LOUD.

But again he can play this alone which helps
Then we played Kerplunk and once he understood to take his time he REALLY enjoyed it too. I did not know if he was old enough for this one but he did good.

And we also played Chutes and Ladders for the first time today but it was still almost too much trouble to enjoy. I think the board is a bit hard to follow for him still.

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