Saturday, October 23, 2010

First Horse Show

Today Was in his first horse show. He was in a lead line walk class today even though he rides by himself for his lessons. He rides in a small area and has never rode with other riders riding at the same time. There is a walk/trot class that may be better suited for him but we thought we would start slow and if he liked it work our way up.
He did such a great job going with the instructors and getting ready all by himself.
And he did a great job in the ring as well.
He held his hands up and head up and knees tight.

He even gave the judge a little wink.

And he had his awesome instructor along by his side.

All Lined up waiting to see he who won.

And Anna let him trot out.

He got a fourth place ribbon and he was SO HAPPY, saying I WON I WON!!!!

I am so had he had such a great experience.

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