Saturday, September 11, 2010

The GOOD and the BAD

Ok so I have had the above pictures in my blog folder for months. THIS IS FABULOUS!!!! I LOVE IT!!! I discovered Tastefully Simple several years ago and it is all so YUMMY. I even have a friend selling it now so if you need a hook up let me know. But this cake is great by itself, with fresh fruit, or in truffles. IT IS SO GOOD. And you only have to add butter and water which is GREAT when you need something good and don't want to head out to the store.

Now on the OTHER HAND.... this soup mix looked good at the store and one recommendation was to add crab to so I thought it was worth a try (No I have never had luck with soup mixes, and I don't know why I thought this would be any different). So Tonight I fixed it and about about an hour and $15 worth of ingredients...... IT WENT DOWN TO THE TRASH. I did try to eat some but even I could not handle it. Good thing I had leftovers for the boys. Every attempt is not a winner but if we never try we would be eating the same four meals over and over and over again

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