Friday, September 17, 2010

a few of my Faves

Since Harrison was born we have all been fabric softener free. When he was a baby any part of his body that touched fabric softener would break out, now only under his arms, under his toes etc break out. So we just did with out. BUT this Method Baby product does not break him out, does a great job and smells good and fresh
I have looked and looked and tried and tried non toxic dishwasher detergents. Since we all know I DO NOT HAND WASH DISHES. and I finally found one that does a great job, does not smell funny (which is an issue to me), and my dishes do not come out of the dishwasher with a yucky film on them. I actually found these at Big Lots a few weeks ago and bought a box, and LOVED THEM and went back to buy a few more. I have also seen these at Whole Foods and Target.

This is the BEST gluten free cake mix we have found. On the package one suggestion is to add sour cream and it is GREAT. I have even taken it places and people don't have a clue it is GF until I tell them. This is what Harrison's birthday cake will be made of this year. Now just because we found one that is great does not mean it is cheap. This mix is about $6 and is a bit smaller than a "normal" cake mix from the store (which is $1 - $2).

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