Thursday, July 8, 2010

Harrison's treats

Does this look yummy to you?

Harrison has been doing the Gluten Free thing for over 6 months now, and while it is not an issue at home he does miss some of his old faves. If someone offers him food is first response is "Does if have Wheat in it?"So now that he is understanding that only we give him food that is gluten free. We have been trying some GF treats. Now this will not become a staple since they are still not the healthiest choice, and they do cost a pretty penny, but from time to time it is a treat.

Last weekend John ran to Kroger for me to get a couple things and he picked up this Pizza for Harrison and he was SO excited. It was not great but he LOVED it and that is all that mattered.

I did add a bit of pepperoni (Gluten Free that is) and a bit more cheese.

Then today we went to the store and got a few more things to try. Chicken nuggets (which were not too bad, just expensive), donuts (which he is looking forward to one in the morning), and his GF Hot dogs were on clearance so we bought 3 packages for $2.78 each instead of $6 and froze them into bags with two hot dogs per bag.

You can tell by his plate that we went to the store today and Harrison went with me. He Never has this much "Convenience" food at once but he gets so excited we we go to the store and he gets food he can eat. He is a GREAT eater but he enjoys "kid food" too.

Since he had new stuff to try and John had leftovers that he was looking forward to, I cooked some of my favorites for me.

Asparagus wrapped in bacon, and mushrooms with a bit of Olive Oil , and salt & Pepper and garlic. Baked at 4oo for about 20 mins.

Join in some pot stickers (Not GF, frozen, I have not braved making them myself) and fresh carrots makes for one yummy dinner for me.

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