Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hamburger Casserorole

This recipe came from my friend Katie... She told me the recipe one night and I tried to remember till I got home and John LOVED it and I have made it for him several times. It is not my favorite but It is super easy and like I said He LOVESit which is not an easy feat. He comes home most days for lunch so it make a good lunch for him for a couple of days or a good dish for when I go out of town for a day or two to leave at home for him.

So take a pound of hamburger (remember I brown several pounds at once and freezer in bags so this really cuts down on the cooking time for this meal. Dice up some onions, peppers (what ever you have) onions, garlic, and my friends uses some celery but I DO NOT LIKE celery. Brown the Burger and add the veggies for a few mins. just till they soften a bit. mix with a cup or so of shredded cheddar, 2 cans of cream soup (I like on cream of celery, and one cream of chicken) salt, pepper, and garlic, and 1 cup of dry minute rice. Mix all together once burger mix is ready add to the rice mixture and pour in a baking dish and bake at 350 for about 40 mins. EASY and GOOD

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Carla said...

Sounds good! I was wondering about adding some diced potatoes (wonder if you could do that instead of the rice?)