Thursday, May 20, 2010

some random

Just a few random things from the day in the life of Harrison. Helping Mommy with the chores.

A trip to Whole foods which Harrison just LOVES everything I put in the cart he asks if "it has wheat in it?" when I say no he gives me a hug and says "OH, Thank you Mommy!"One of the special treats from Whole Foods is GF ice cream cones. So we took one to the local Ice cream shop for some yummy orange ice cream tonight and he SO ENJOYED it.
Lucky for Harrison Toys R Us is next to Whole Foods so if we make it through foods we go Play with the Thomas table at Toys R Us. Yes he has a table at home, and yes he more train at home but it is so much more fun to play at other tables. And He has to point out every train, bridge, track, etc he does not have while we are there. And he REALLY thinks his friend Olivia needs this train set to go along her trains so I am sure before her birthday in October we will getting this Girl Train track :)

Last week we also went to spend the day with my Dad we went and pick fresh asparagus and got lots a strawberries. 13 gallons of strawberries... so since then we have made jam, froze strawberries, and lots of strawberry ice cream. I did not take my camera since we have been to the farm a hundred times but I really wish I had it for this trip with all the fun harvesting. I am so glad the weather is nice again and we can get fresh yummy food.
And here is a picture of Harrison's "baby chicks" they are getting really big along with the lambs and Jax the dog. And when we got home Harrison's baby bird on the front door had gotten out of the nest but we still see it from time to time. I LOVE SPRING

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Hannah Fields said...

thanks for the fruits of your labor. The strawberry icecream and preserves were amazing!!!!