Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Where we stayed

Just thought I would share a bit of the resort that we stayed at. Harrison LOVED everything about it. I was talking to Dad one night and told him Harrison was in heaven and it really concerned Harrison. He asked me if he was really in Heaven so we had to watch what we said after that.
There were lots of birds to look at

and fish, we even had to get Harrison a fish and bird book so he could look up what all he was seeing.

Wonderful views.
And Lots of Pools, I don't think we even got to them all. Some were shallow with sand bottoms which was great for Harrison, there were waterfalls and lots of water slides.

62 acres is lots of room for fun.

There were boats and trains to help you get around the resort, so Harrison had a blast.

We liked the boat best so we tried to get Harrison on the boat more often than the train so we could look for fish and birds.

Here is a part of our room and below is what we could see from the bed....

See why I was not ready to come?

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