Tuesday, April 27, 2010

LA Part 1

Since there was such a big time difference between home and Hawaii we thought it would help the kids if we took a couple days in LA and we (John and I and friends that we went with) thought it would be a neat little trip. So we flew out a couple days early and spent some time in LA.
We did not do Disney but we did get a picture with Mickey.

Took a bus tour to see some sights and some "stars" homes.

Had breakfast at Roscoe's which we were told we HAD to do and the chicken and waffles were good, but not the highlight of the trip for me.

Saw the Hollywood walk of fame, Harrison thought it was neat to see his name, and NO we did not name him after Harrison Ford.

Went by the Staples Center

And enjoyed the drive through Beverly Hills.

The homes were Amazing the one below belongs to Dr. Phil.
And I LOVED all the flowers that were everywhere.
Of course we had to drive down Rodeo Dr. and no we did not see anyone famous.

We did everything we could get in during our short 2 day trip. I will post more soon from our LA trip.

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