Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The results are in...

Praise GOD for whom all blessings flow...

We meant with the Neurosurgeon today and got great news. Harrison does have two area of his head that are not completely "normal" but the Dr. does not think either will ever be an issue for Harrison. He said they were both common in 15%-20% of the population but it was odd that he had both.

The first, is the first vertebrae is fused to the base of his skull on one side. He will eventually have this rescanned in a few years but the doctor said he should be able to do anything he wants with this even play competitive sports in high school and collage if he chooses. And he Has more than enough room in this area for his brain to grow and all parts of his brain itself looked normal.

The second thing is the part of the brain, that makes the spinal fluid is larger than normal. Again he has more then enough room and it is fairly common and the doctor was not concerned. We are going to do another CT Scan in 6-9 months just to make sure that does not grow bigger or change in anyway. He said it was UNLIKELY for it to change but he would feel better if we double checked.

So, it looks like Harrison is having headaches and Migraines like me. This we can so deal with. What an answer to prayers.

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