Sunday, March 14, 2010


This weekend we went to John's Parents for a visit and to celebrate John's sister's Birthday. Harrison and Matthew had a big time spending time together. Last night they had to take turns reading books to each other.

Then they took turns taking pictures of each other
Harrison took this one of Matthew

So Matthew had to take some of Harrison and Angie.

Then Harrison had to take one of Me and Matthew.

And Matthew had to take one of just Harrison too.
Then today for church the boys were dressed alike so we had to try to grab a couple of the two of them it was COLD and raining so outside was out of the questions so I shot a couple inside of the boys.
they are big buddies

and are pretty silly

but they are pretty cuteand dressed so sharp

Well maybe there were not as thrilled about getting pictures as the Mamas and Grandparents.

but they do love each other

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