Monday, March 22, 2010

A boy that wishes he was a Farmer

Harrison loved playing with the new baby lambs at Grandpa's house this week, yes they are lambs not goats. Annie & Clarabelle (like from the Thomas the train and Friends) are black lambs that have hair instead of wool. They may even have spots once they get older.

Harrison LOVES playing around farm and in the barn. One day we have to get get this boy some land so he can be outside with some animals and the dirt.

He thinks he is a farmer and enjoys every minute of it. Which is the reason we live in town and have two bunnies (3 at the moment) and 2 chickens (14 now, 2 chickens & 12 chicks).

above he is pulling hay out for the cows, and trying to hide from the "mean bull".

Harrison also had a big time with Grandpa's new puppy Jax (who he also got to name:) )

Jax and the lambs came from the same farm and are used to each other. So Jax enjoys catching the milk that drops from the bottle, they all sleep together and play together too.

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