Tuesday, March 30, 2010

the Boy and his Basket

Harrison got an Easter basket from Papa and Nini over the weekend so we saved the one from Grammy till this morning. Harrison has been asking for a basket for his bike. He has been putting a sand bucket on his handle bars when we go riding so he can take his sippy cup with him.
SO we put it on his bike today there is a reason why Grammy had trouble finding a basket for a boy, this one had flowers that were removed....

He picked every wild onion he could find today for his basket because they were STINKY I am sure this white basket will not be white for long. I see worms, living in it before long. He is too funny.


the 8 o'clock hour said...

hey ak I passed a blog award on to you :) check out my blog today!

Jennifer Burgett said...

You should spray paint it to match is bike!