Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Harrison's daily update :)

This morning when I got out of the shower Harrison would not answer me so I went to see what he was doing and this was what I found.

Yes, he climbed up on the desk got down the paint and opened all over him the table and the floor.
Then I went pack to finish getting dressed and I heard the alarm beep so I knew He had opened a door somewhere. I went to see what he was doing, hoping he was just in the garage, but no he was bare foot out in 7 inches of snow making snowballs and tasting the snow.
Later he decided it was a day for underwear and no diapers... which is always interesting since we are no where close to being potty trained. He did make it to the potty twice before "going" but he "went in the potty" but he forgot to take his underwear off first. YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT TO EXPECT.

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