Tuesday, February 9, 2010

cute book

When I was at Lifeway bookstore last week and I picked up this little book. and it is a cute read. John and I have gotten a few laughs from this and thought I would share it.

Here are a few quotes from the book

" You need to know to say, "I love you" three or four times a day even when what you really want to say is, "Why is this MasterCard bill so High?"

"You need to know love is showing him you respect him. Even if he's lost his job, money's tight, and your sister just moved into a brand new house."

"you need to know moving can cause problems. Moving to a new city can be marriage altering"

"You need to know you could spend less than fifteen minutes a day talking to each other. If that happens, on day you won't recognize each other. "

"You need to know to not put on the oldest, rattiest things you own every night when you get home"

"You need to know that if dirty laundry is causing you to blow a gasket, get a maid. Really, it's much cheaper than divorce court"

"You need to know she'll keep 92 products on the counter for her to look like she doesn't wear makeup. Yes, they are in the way. No, don't touch them"

"You need to know that the sounds of you going to the bathroom and brushing your teeth at the same time scares her"

"You need to know she needs her own group of friends. They can save your marriage."

" You need to know that when he's in the bathroom he doesn't want to have a conversation with you through the door. He will, however, happily talk or text you on his cell phone"

"You need to know he'll think he's done something significant when he changes a light bulb or clean the garage. Don't miss this opportunity to praise him."


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