Monday, January 25, 2010

One Smart Little Boy

One of the biggest frustrations as a parent with a child with Apraxia is that when people meet Harrison or even people that know him think that since he does not speak they way we "think" he should, that he is no intelligent. Which is very far from the truth. Harrison amazes me daily with the things he knows and the connections he makes.

We also went to an Open House to a school we are looking at once he starts school and I really think he could just about do the Kindergarten work now, and it was advanced for the general Kind garden, I did see a few things that we need to continue to work on. One of our biggest areas of needed gain is in his hand writing which is worked on weekly in OT and I work on daily with him.

Harrison LOVES to do his "school work" which we try to get to daily but with two days of Speech and OT, and two days of Mother's Day Out it does not happen every day.

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Hannah Fields said...

the handwriting skills will get better with age. Grace has never been great at it but this year has taken off and done really well. she also struggled with "staying in the lines" while coloring. yesterday i saw a pictured she colored and almost fell over. She stayed in the lines. anyway, i think that it is normal for them to struggle at harrisons age.