Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Harrison and his Daddy

This is my favorite picture of John and Harrison the day after he was born.

Tonight after I put Harrison to bed and during his second dirty diaper since bed time (yes I know, he can do it on demand ( within an hour) at bedtime but not on the potty no matter how hard he tries), we had a sweet conversation. I love that I am able to understand more and more of what he says and piece his sentences together to really see the heart of my child. It went something like this, and remember I am translating and Paraphrasing for Harrison here.

Harrison: Daddy needs to be home, it is dark out side.

Mommy: Daddy works hard so we can have a nice house, food, and choo choo trains. (we all know Harrison's world revolves around trains)

Harrison: Its Dark outside (going to the window and pulling the shade) I need Daddy Hugs and kisses to go to sleep (with lots of sound effects in place of words)

Mommy: Daddy has to work sometimes when it is dark so Mommy does not have to work every day.

Harrison: confused look on his face

Mommy: Some Mommies have to work everyday but your Mommy only has to work a Little in Daddy's office and I get to stay home and play with you and we get to do lots of fun stuff together. That's why Daddy works late.

Harrison: Gets ups and gives me a big hug and kiss saying "oh tank (thank) yous mommy"

THIS IS WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT, sure we could do more and have more "Stuff" if I worked full time outside of the home but even my Three year thanks it is pretty important for me to be home with him, how sweet. And it makes for a much healthier Mommy with Lupus that can take it easy when she needs too. I think we are pretty lucky to have a Daddy and Husband like John.

THANK YOU DADDY!!!!! and Harrison is expecting hugs and kisses when you get home by the way. :)

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Papa Parkhurst said...

Ann Kelly, I agree with you that is also my favorite picture of John and Harrison. I have had several friends say that John looks just like me at that age in that picture. We are proud that John has such a work ethic that he does so that his Wonderful wife can be a great Mother and teacher to our little red head wonder boy all that she does. We love and are proud of our entire family. John,Ann Kelly,Harrison Angie,Jeremy,Matther